Abrasion Tester


Surface Abrasion of glazed ceramic surfaces

Suitable for carrying out P.E.I. (wet) method tests in accordance with UNI EN ISO 10545-7 norm. The test involves exposing the glazed material to the abrasive action of a charge comprising balls of different diameters with the addition of corundum and distilled water (P.E.I. method). The different abrasion stages are achieved by programming the machine at an increasingly higher number of revs, with fixed instrument speed as required by the standard. Later on, a visual analysis of the test result will classify it in the various abrasion groups envisaged by the method.

Depth Abrasion of unglazed ceramic surfaces.

Instrument for determining Depth Abrasion resistance of unglazed ceramic tiles. In accordance with UNI EN ISO 10545-6 norm. The test involves exposing the material to the abrasive action of a steel disk rotating in contact with the sample surface. Some corundum is made to fall between the sample and the disk. Subsequently, the length of the trace cord is measured and the volume of the material removed is calculated. The latter will act as the benchmark parameter for test classification.

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