Modulus Of Rupture


Modulus of Rupture Machines measure the flexural breaking load (Bending Strength) of sample bars / ceramic tiles up to 700mm square by applying a three point load to the test piece. The range of Bending Strength machines available cover uses in tableware, sanitaryware, porcelain and ceramic tile manufacturing plants.

Principle of Operation.

The sample piece is placed centrally across the two lower adjustable tension rods set a known distance apart. A third fixed tension rod, set exactly at the centre of the lower tension rods then is driven either up or down (depending on the model) against the sample. The test piece is subject to a three point strain. At the optimum point the test piece will snap, and the maximum finger on the dial gauge will remain at the maximum point. The rise and fall platform is driven by an electric motor, which delivers a constant speed of elevation to the lower platform. The dial gauge on the spring balance is fitted with a maximum finger which indicates the breaking point in kilograms.This range of machines is suitable for tiles up to 70cm x 70cm

Specification:- Powered by a 0.18kW motor, for 220/240V single phase supplies.

  • Product Codes
  • 10 kg scale (x 50g) MOR/10
  • 25kg scale (x 100g) MOR/25
  • 50kg scale (x 200g) MOR/50
  • 100kg scale (x 500g) MOR/100


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