Moisture Balance


Designed to quickly, effectively and affordably measure moisture content, the MB Series Moisture Analysers incorporate state-of-the-art halogen heating with precision weighing technology to give a fast and accurate method for moisture content determination. Perfect for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical and research industries; versatile and rugged enough for continuous operation in food and beverage, quality control, environmental and many other applications. The MB Series Moisture Analysers feature excellent repeatability properties for consistent accuracy during testing

Model MB45: Maximum capacity 45 grams x 0.001g, Max temperature 200 C

Model MB35: Maximum capacity 35 grams x 0.001g, Max temperature 160 C

Model MB25: Maximum capacity 110 grams x 0.005g, Max temperature 160 C

Model MB23: Maximum capacity 110 grams x 0.01g, Max temperature 160 C

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