Instruments designed for determining the flatness, rectilinearity and squareness of ceramic tiles, up to a maximum size of 160 x 160cm. Built according to the UNI EN ISO 10545-2 norm, one single instrument can make all three of the above measurements, as required by the standard. The fixing system of the comparators allows them be positioned in just a few seconds, depending on the tile size to be tested. The same system is used for the surface and lateral supporting feet.

  • General features:
  • Aluminium Ergal hard anodized and ground working plane.
  • Ground and burnished steel half-squares.
  • Stainless steel supporting structure.
  • Centesimal comparators, 60 mm.
  • Stainless steel surface and lateral supports.
  • All models, are supplied complete with 5 centesimal comparators, 8 spare stainless steel supports, for tiles of thickness 8-10 mm and 5 stainless steel feet for tiles thickness 6-8mm Models are supplied complete with two keys, 5 spare stainless steel supports and 5 centesimal gauges.


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