Used to determine the depth of penetration of a flat headed pin into pressed raw ceramic tiles. Indispensable for producers of floor and wall ceramic tiles, especially with single firing processes. A calibrated spring system, with a special reading comparator reset process that needs to be carried out only occasionally, ensures that the relative tile measurements are taken in a few seconds.

The DM/34 penetrometer therefore makes it much easier to carry out daily checks on pressing uniformity. The large stainless steel base makes it easy to perform tests in the centre of the sample, up to a size of 70×70 cm.

The main body and various supports are fabricated from stainless steel with accurate finishes.

The use of the DM/34 makes daily testing considerably easier. The large stainless steel base allows for central testing of samples up to 400mm x 400mm.

Complete with various accessories (5 flat head points of 0.75, 1.00, 1.50, 1.75 and 2.50mm2, a 3kg calibrated spring and a special supporting head) which allow testing on a wide range of materials from very hard to very soft.

The unit is supplied with a 1.50mm2 point and a 4kg calibrated spring fitted as standard.

Available with either a dial gauge or digital indicator.

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