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The state of the art technology incorporated into the Mastersizer range delivers speed of measurement, exceptional reproducibility and an ability to compare the results to other techniques.Particles within a wide size range from sub-micron to a few millimetres are measured accurately and non-destructively, allowing you to recover your sample if it is expensive or in short supply.

The Mastersizer range offers:- Wide dynamic range – from 0.02µm to 2000µm with the Mastersizer 2000; from 0.01µm to 3500µm with the Mastersizer 3000. Rapid analysis – less than 30 seconds for a measurement means rapid feedback in QC and production situations. Flexibility – dry powders, liquid suspensions, aerosols, and emulsions can all be analysed. Non-destructive – recover your sample for further testing. Optimised detector – designed to exploit Mie theory to the full.

All Mastersizer systems are configured from a series of optimised components: Light Source: Every Mastersizer has a He-Ne laser providing light with a wavelength of 0.633nm. This offers exceptional temperature stability and provides and provides a level of signal to noise not equalled by the current generation of laser diodes.

Sample Dispersion Detector: The key to quality particle size measurement is the ability to present a well dispersed homogenous sample to the laser beam at an appropriate concentration with a minimum of bias. Malvern’s series of sampling accessories is designed to meet this requirement to the full.

Detector: Light scattered by the sample is focused on to a photosensitive silicon detector which is made up of a large number of discreet elements. The optical system is optimised to ensure that the signal from each element is directly proportional to the amount of light on it.

Data collection and analysis: Hundreds of thousands of particles will pass through the laser beam every second. The light falling on to the detectors is measured and integrated 500 times each second. This enables a statistically significant scattering pattern of the widest distributions to be acquired within a few seconds. Malvern pioneered the use of Windows™ based software to give the users the now widely accepted benefits of enhanced ease to “talk” to spreadsheets and other utilities.

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