Particle Sizing

Particle Sizing

Particle Sizing

Particle Size Analysis – from lumps to submicron particles.

E.J.Payne Ceramic offers a range of sieve shakers that will grade samples from approximately 25mm down to 20 micron using sieves of different mesh sizes. The sieves meet the International Standards; ISO 3310, BS410, ASTM E313 – Certificates of conformity can be provided as required.

The Mastersizer range of Laser Particle Size Analysers allows the user to easily and quickly measure particle sizes between 0.01 micron and 3.5mm in a quick and easy method.

Suspensions, emulsions or dry powders can be analysed using the Mastersizer software. The data can be stored for later retrieval.

Plasticity or “workability” of clays can be monitored in the laboratory or on the factory floor using one of the range of Hardness testers available.

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