Press Hydraulic


Built with quality materials and accurate finishing these are suitable instruments for producing laboratory samples, specifically for the ceramics industry, but also for different industrial sectors. The mould is interchangeable, and the required size should be stated at the time of order from the list of sizes below. The control board is fitted with a general switch and pilot light, double handed control for the pressing procedure, and a push button for the specimen extraction. The specimen extraction is hydraulic.

Model MIGNON/S – The pressing power can be adjusted up to a maximum of 19,000kg, Pressing piston bore – 150mm diameter, Stroke of the hydraulic ejector: 30mm

Model MIGNON/SS – The pressing power can be adjusted up to a maximum of 38,000kg

Model MIGNON/SS-E – As Mignon/SS, but fitted with digital pressure, indicator, electronic pressure control, electronic control of the thickness of the sample.

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