Mohs Hardness Pencils

Specially manufactured on the basis of 20 years experience of this type of intrument. Used to perform scratch tests on materials to determine the Mohs’ Hardness of the surfaces. Used in the following industries; Cermaics, Porcelain, Concreate, Faucet Finishes, Touch Screens, Plastic and Glass Materials, Countertop Materials, Flooring Products etc

Available as:
Set of 8 pencils made from aluminium, 10mm diameter x 146mm long to which the mineral wiht a sharpened head is attached ranging from 5 – 9 Mohs Hardness.
Set of 14 Mohs Scale Minerals, each mineral dimension 30x30x10mm rangning from 2-9 Mohs Hardness
Set of metal 4 double-ended picks, colour coded ranging from 2-9 Mohs Hardness.


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