Tank for vacuum water absorption tests VSVD/60.

Suitable for rapidly determining the water absorption of ceramic tiles under the vacuum immersion method according to
International ISO standards 10545-3 and ISO 10545-12
Suitable for tiles up to 60cm x 60cm
(The device can be programmed for testing cycles as requested by the standard
and, furthermore, for various other cycles up to a vacuum value of -65 KPa)
General features:
– Stainless steel tank and sample basket.
– Basement and cabinet for switch board made of dry painted sheet metal.
– Aluminium cover with handles, and fly wheels for locking.
– Vacuum pump, power 0.35 HP.
– Automatic cycle test.
– Control board with keyboard and LCD display for test cycle setting and checking.
– Programmable vacuum range: from -1 up to -65 KPa (-650 mbar / -6630 mm/H2O).
– 4 board-selected, water levels for adapting the level to the size of the tiles being
Part Number: 01CI2804/1


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